September reviews

the-beauty-is-in-the-walking  The Beauty is in the Walking by James Moloney

This book tells the tale of Jacob O’Leary, a boy about to graduate from Palmerston High. Yet that’s at the back of his mind. He is busy trying to solve the murder of a horse, an investigation which begins to challenge his friendships. All the while, he is plagued by his cerebral palsy. A story of mystery, love and graduation. ‘The Beauty is in the Walking’is a must-read.
Reviewed by Max

all we have is now  All We Have is Now by Lisa Schroeder

“All We Have is Now” is an apocalyptic scenario with the main characters as two teenagers, Emerson and Vince. There is a meteorite heading for Earth and many people have moved to safe places leaving the rest. Emersen and Vince have been homeless before this and are wandering the streets until they meet a stranger. This man gives them money, and says to pass it on, to pay it forward. It is a chance for Emerson and Vince to change the last hours of people’s lives.
The author has included poetry in between many of the chapters. The mix of prose and poetry is unusual. It brings poetry to a new audience and gives a depth to the story.
It is an exciting book that would be good for the ages of 13-14 up.
A nice read, and although it is a quick read, it is that good you could read it multiple times.
Reviewed by Tim

green valentine  Green Valentine by Lili Wilkinson

This is an inspiring story of Astrid, a pretty, intelligent, popular, straight-A student. Astrid’s goal is to try to bring environmental awareness to a ‘bleak dystopian wasteland’ as she calls it, in A LOBSTER SUIT! On the other hand, there is Hiro, who is the opposite. He is uninterested in the environment, rude and doesn’t see the point of school. After meeting at the shopping centre, they give each other superhero names: Lobster Girl and Shopping Trolley Boy. Together they secretly try to improve their dull town. This book is a hilarious, romantic comedy. I couldn’t put it down.
Reviewed by Evangeline