Christmas Eve calm at Wild Things

Need some ideas for your last-shopping-day-before-Christmas shopping?

We have some great ideas for stocking-stuffers:


Your young spy-in-training can have eyes in the back of their head with Super Spy Glasses ($7.95). We have Ice Cream Bubbles ($9.99), Instant Snow ($5.50) and our ever-popular wind-up toys ($3.95). Hear the crowd roar when they Shoot & Score ($7.95), release the Christmas stress with an Earth Stress Ball ($5.95), or erase mistakes with a Rainbow Erase It ($8.95). Add to their Sonny Angel collection ($14.99) or play a Classic Card Game ($14.95). We have Balloon-Cars ($12.95), Puppy and Flamingo Pens ($4.95) and cool Push It watches ($11.95) in a variety of colours. For Harry Potter fans, we have a Golden Snitch or a Hogwarts Castle Snow Globe ($14.99).

Know someone who loves unicorns?


We have unicorn pens, unicorn tape dispensers (with rainbow striped sticky tape), a Unicorn LED light, and a great gift pack containing Aaron Blabey’s Thelma the Unicorn with a plush unicorn toy.


Your future astronaut might like a Rocket Ship Dinner Time set, the Astronaut Academy activity book, or one of our many space-themed stories for all ages.


And Christmas Day isn’t Christmas Day without a puzzle or two. We have games and puzzles for all ages.

Need some more ideas for that last-minute gift? We can help. Come in and chat to us!

And have a relaxed and Merry Christmas!


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