Write the world

A love of reading often sparks a love of writing, and both give children a way to explore their feelings and their world. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be providing children with opportunities to learn how to share their stories and write their world.write-the-world

Several Brisbane high school students will be among the voices represented at tomorrow night’s launch of Write the World: Young Voices Across the Globe – Best Of 2016, a magazine that collects some of the best writing from teenagers around the globe.

Write the World is a global community for high school students, where they are empowered to develop their voices, refine their editing skills, and publish on an international platform. By becoming a member of this supportive community, young writers can refine their craft through a regular writing routine, an attention to revision, and access to quality feedback from other young writers and educators from all over the world.

Most young writers are also avid readers, and often there is a particular book that inspires them to try to write their own story. The Book that Made Me, edited by Judith Ridge, is a collection of personal stories from 32 acclaimed Australian and international authors about the books that influenced their work.

Find out why S E Hinton’s The Outsiders is the book that Marcus Zusak thinks made him him. Or read about the eight extremely useful things Fiona Wood learned from Anne of Green Gables.

Young readers who have been inspired to try their hand at writing can find out how to get started and learn some of the tricks of the trade at our writing workshop, which will be run by award-winning local author Christine Bongers.

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