love wild things

Tomorrow is National Bookshop Day, a time to celebrate bookshops but also to show us some love. Because we need it!

We have lots of fun planned for the day: Canine Dress Up, book matching, story time, a visit from Grug, and the Great Bookish Bakeoff with a special junior prize. But the one competition we’re really looking forward to is the one where you tell us why you love Where the Wild Things Are.

grug  harry pupper  bakeoff

Do you love that we have an amazing range of books for kids and teens? Do you love our treehouse? Do you love that we have events and workshops where kids can meet real live authors and illustrators? Do you love that we have book clubs for young readers, middle readers and teens?

We’re not needy. Honest. But some days, knowing that there are people out there who don’t visit bookshops, who do all their book-shopping at one of the online bookselling giants, it can be just, well, a little bit heart-breaking.

We love our customers. We love spending time with you, helping you choose the right book for you or your children. That’s why we’ve included a Book Matching session as one of Saturday’s events. The wonderful Natalie Jane Prior, author of The Fairy Dancers, will chat with you or your child and help them find their perfect book match.

Book-matching is one of the things we love about our job. And we love it even more when you come back and tell us that your son absolutely loved the book we recommended, or that your granddaughter thinks you’re the best Grandad in the world because you gave her the best book ever for her birthday. Those recommendations we make come from our knowledge of books; we read them and discuss them with each other. They also come from our knowledge of you, our customer. Our recommendations aren’t based on an algorithm or this week’s bestsellers list.

We believe that’s what’s kept us going, despite the threat from eBooks and online buying. We understand that it’s tempting to buy from an online source where the prices are cheaper. But do they really love finding your perfect book match as much as we do?

And something to consider: those big overseas online booksellers don’t pay any GST to the Australian government, and the revenue collected by GST is used to fund, among other things, our schools.

So, tomorrow, show us you still love us.

If you’re one of our regular customers, come in, join the celebration, enter some competitions, maybe win a prize.

If you’re a not-so-regular customer, perhaps even someone who only buys books online, come and visit us, experience our book-matching skills, and buy just one book to show us you still love bookshops.

#loveyourbookshop #justonebook #booksellersneedthelove




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