What we’re reading

What are Wild Things staff recommending at the moment?

Anna loves All My Treasures: A Book Of Joy, the new release from Jo Witek whose gorgeous books In My Heart and Brave As Can Be are hugely popular with Wild Things staff and customers.


I am always on the lookout for books that inspire joy, appreciation and contemplation, therefore I am excited to announce that I have struck gold with Jo Witek’s new book ‘All My Treasures’! A young girl’s Grandmother has given her a beautiful porcelain box to hold all of her ‘treasures’. As the young girl starts to think of things that she loves, she realises treasures are often a moment or a memory. The illustrations are quirky, the lift-the-flap sections are full of unexpected delight and this book will bring Grandparents and their Grandchildren together to contemplate the most meaningful thing of all: time together.

Sally has just finished reading Wolf by Wolf, a YA title by Ryan Graudin.


Wolf by Wolf is set in an alternate world where Nazi Germany never fell and Hitler never died. Every year, to commemorate their victory, a motorcycle race is held that spans several countries—and the winner gets to meet Adolf Hitler. Yael, a former death camp prisoner, is part of the resistance. Her mission is to win the race, at whatever cost, and kill Hitler. Yael must battle her traumatic past, vindictive contestants, and the dangers of the road. Worst of all, the people who care about her are asking too many questions. Add in some shape-shifting and you have a fast-paced alternate history sci-fi novel. Yael is dedicated, vulnerable, tough, and ruthless—but is she ruthless enough to do what it takes to win? And if so, does that make her as bad as the Nazis? This is a gripping read suitable for readers aged 14 and over.

Kasia is enjoying Can I Eat That? by Joshua David Stein and illustrated by Julia Rothman.


This book makes me hungry! A wonderful and whimsical picture book that encourages and entertains curiosity about food and other cultures. Bold and vibrant images are accompanied by text that asks funny and practical questions, shares information, challenges our perspectives and plays with language to make you want to further explore the tastes, textures and stories behind what we eat. For ages 2+.

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