Wild about new YA

It’s shaping up to be another fantastic year for YA fiction, with releases that run the literary gamut from contemporary drama to boldly imagined future worlds and reimagined histories. We’ve taken a short break from unpacking boxes full of reading goodness to bring you our pick of what’s new and so hot it’s practically burning a hole through the shelf:

Martians by Blythe Woolston Blythe ($16.99)


This clever dystopian tale paints a bleak picture of a society run entirely by mega-corporations. Enter Zoe Zindleman, who gets a job at AllMART when the government closes her high school. The story of her new life on the frontline of a consumer-driven society makes for a thought-provoking and satirical read – and a terrifying glimpse into what our future might look like.

Moth Girls by Anne Cassidy ($16.99)


Five years ago, Mandy’s two best friends, Petra and Tina, entered the dilapidated house on Princess Street on a dare – and never came out. Now, Mandy’s memories of the incident are returning, and she’s determined to discover the truth about the girls’ disappearance. UK author Anne Cassidy has crafted a chilling page-turner for fans of thriller and mystery.

Untwine by Edwidge Dandicat ($24.99)


When Giselle and her family – including her beloved identical twin, Isabelle – are in a car accident, Giselle’s world changes forever. Trapped in a hospital bed and unaware of what’s happened to her parents and sister, Giselle must revisit the past in her mind and fight her way through the pain to recovery.

Hour of the Bees by Lindsay Eagar ($16.99)


It’s the summer holidays, but 12-year-old Carolina has no reason to be excited – she’s headed to the New Mexico desert, helping her parents move the grandfather she doesn’t even know into a home for people with dementia. But Grandpa Serge is full of crazy stories, and Carolina finds herself spending more and more time with him – and it feels like there’s a touch of magic in the air …

Front Lines by Michael Grant ($19.99)


The first in a new series from bestselling Michael Grant is a gripping and inventive alternate history of World War II. Rio is a 17-year-old white girl from North Carolina; Frangie is a black girl from Oklahoma; Rainy is a Jewish girl from New York. All three are soldiers in the fight against Hitler – the fight to save the human race …






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