Cooking up a storm

If there’s one thing we enjoy almost as much as books here at Wild Things, it’s food – cooking it, eating it and staring longingly at pretty pictures of it on Instagram. Back in July, Fiona gave us a delicious round-up of great fiction reads for kids who love their tucker, and now it’s time for you to devour our picks of the best kids’ cookbooks – so come and get ’em while they’re still hot:

Baking with Kids by Leah Brooks (27.99)


Everything you need to know about teaching kids to bake! This great guide is packed with treat-tastic recipes for cakes, muffins, pizzas, scones and basically any lip-smacking you can think of that comes out of an oven. With step-by-step pictures and tips on kitchen safety and equipment, this book is sure to satisfy young appetites.

Let’s Bake! by Cathryn Dresser ($19.99)


You’ll have the tastiest 12 months of your life with Cathryn Dresser’s 52 easy baking recipes – one for every week of the year! From sweet treats like friendship chain cake and banana sandwich custard pud to savoury bites like spicy chicken filo rolls and dippy baked eggs with soldiers, this is the ultimate handbook for budding chefs.

The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children by Suzanne Gross & Sally Fallon Morell ($45)


This fabulous cookbook for health-conscious foodies teaches kids about the benefits of whole grains, vegetables, eggs, butter, raw milk, meat, broth, fermented foods, healthy desserts and more. Following on from the incredibly popular Nourishing Traditions cookbook, it’s full of easy-to-follow illustrated recipes for every meal of the day.

Cookbook by Jane Harbison and 12 awesome girls ($16.95)

This gorgeous book from Jane Harbison Design – a Brisbane-based company that creates products that encourage ‘doing’ for young girls – features favourite recipes from 12 girls under 15. From breakfast and break time to dinner and dessert, these simple and satisfying recipes come straight from the heart.

Teenage Kitchen Rampage by Peter Oxley ($24.95)


The essential kitchen survival guide for teens! It features recipes for basics like hummus, pizza dough and omelettes, mealtime staples like spaghetti carbonara, roast chicken and classic Greek salad and includes useful about kitchen equipment, how to cook rice and how to char a capsicum. It’ll turn teens into gourmands in no time!

Lily Vanilli in ‘A Zombie Ate My Cupcake’: 25 Deliciously Weird Cupcake Recipes by Lili Vanilli ($13.50)


This devilishly good cookbook reinvent the cupcakes – say goodbye to pretty decorations say hello to cakes inspired by insects, zombies, roadkill, body parts and more! Renowned London baker Lili Vanilli shows you how to make radioactive slime cakes, morbid meringue bones, bleeding hearts and more. It’s a truly terrifying treat!

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